12 Food and Activities Which Make You Happy

Here are 12 ways to make you Happy. Serotonin levels in our body may influence mood in a way that leads to depression. Increase Serotonin can give you a better mood because Serotonin is known as the happy hormone.

1. Banana boosts Serotonin.
2. Spend time in nature.
3. Leafy greens boost energy.
4. Walnuts rich in Omega 3 may help in providing brain nutrients.
5. Smiling releases happy hormones.
6. Epson salt calming.
7. Oats eases depression.
8. Cayenne peppers relieves depression.
9. Water hydration, more energy less stress.
10. Green smoothie for energy boosting, zap!
11. Almonds is a great Brain Food-Magnesium
12. Walking clears mind, therefore boost Serotonin.

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