Delicious Mini Pineapple Tarts

A recipe by Fatbooo teaching you how to turn the real pineapple fruit into pineapple tarts. You will learn the step by step processes for make the filling of pineapple tart filling and pastry of the tart. The filling need to be done the night before as the actual grating and cooking process can take quite a long time.

Standing in front of the stove for a whole hour simmering and stirring the ingredients on low heat waiting it to turn into a nice golden sticky filling. In the middle of making your pineapple tarts, you can try to make the drink of the sieved piniapple juices mixed with ice from grated pineapples as a refreshing respite.

A jar of mini pineapple tarts can be a ‘gift’ for the people you like. [Read More…]

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