Delicious Risotto Balls Breakfast

Got some leftover Risotto? Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish cooked with broth and flavored with parmesan cheese and other ingredients, which sometimes can include meat, fish or vegetables. Those Risotto can then be used to make risotto balls breakfast.

The ingredients you will need in this recipe is leftover risotto, egg, flour, cereal (here K Vanilla Almond is used) and canola oil. Risotto balls is very easy to make, just get ready some cereal in a Ziploc bag and then crush it into tiny pieces to put it in a bowl.

Get another two other bowls with whipped egg, and another with flour. Roll a heaping tablespoon of risotto into a ball, then roll it in the flour, followed by rolling it on the egg, and finally cover it with the cereal crumbs.

Once you have finished covering your risotto balls with the cereal crumbs, fry your risotto balls in a pan over medium-high heat oil until they are brown in color. That is what a fun way to eat breakfast. Hope you guys enjoy!

Recipe via BS’ In The Kitchen by Bob.

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