Lemon Peels- 22 Ways of Using Them

Don’t throw away your lemon peels. There are many ways of using them.
Lemon peels can function to clean greasy messes, tea kettle or coffee pot and microwave. It can deodorize the garbage disposal, polish chrome and copper. Lemon peels also help to clean a stainless steel sink. Besides, it keeps insects out. Make a scented humidifier.

Other uses of lemon peels are that it can refresh cutting boards. The peels can be used to make zest, Vegan Lemon Biscotti, twists, lemon extract powder, Lemon Sugar, Lemon Pepper and also candied lemon peel. In the kitchen, the peels can keep brown sugar soft.
For health benefits, the peels lighten age spots, soften dry elbows which can be used on your skin. Amazingly, the peels can be used to make a sugar scrub too.

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